Other Champions and Gender

Family planning programs typically target information and messaging to women and girls; however, women and girls may not be the primary decision-makers about their own contraceptive use.

Providing correct and comprehensive information facilitates active engagement of men as supportive partners, advocates, and users of contraception. Misinformation and negative attitudes or beliefs such as using contraception makes men less “manly” or using contraception causes infertility can create barriers to contraceptive access and use.

These beliefs could reduce men’s use of condoms or vasectomy and support for other contraceptives. As a result, it is critically important to engage men as well as other influencers, such as parents, mothers-in-law, etc. in addressing myths and misconceptions about family planning and promoting the wide-reaching benefits of family planning for themselves and their loved ones.

Because Other Champions can play a key role in changing social norms related to gender, it is considered a gender-intentional intervention. 

Community Gatekeepers

Engaging Men in Family Planning

Involving Men to Increase Uptake of Family Planning Services

Engaging Parents to Ensure Community Support

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