TCI Global Toolkit: Coaching

The Challenge Initiative (TCI)’s approach to coaching adds an innovation that is unique to TCI: a locally owned and implemented model of coaching with a systematic yet flexible process to bring about long-term, sustainable transformation.

TCI’s coaching approach aims to help cities achieve increased commitment, capacity, decision-making and action by stakeholders in TCI geographies through:

  • Large-scale dissemination, adaptation and application of proven family planning and adolescent and youth sexual and reproductive health interventions and tools
  • Exponential expansion of accessible, high quality and sustainable family planning services that reach underserved urban populations

The following lessons outline the literature supporting coaching as a capacity strengthening methodology, outline TCI’s unique nine-step approach and provide examples of coaching best practices from TCI master coaches and exercises on how to strengthen the skills needed. ​

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The following resources informed the development of these lessons:

  • Co-Active’s Coaching Fundamentals course, November 2019
  • JHU’s Office of Executive Education, Essentials of Leadership Coaching, September 2020 course
  • TCI’s Coaching Technical Brief and Coaching Implementation Guide
  • ZFF’s Coaching Workbook


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