Community Group Engagement and Gender

Community group engagement can take many forms. However, at its core, it involves engaging and mobilizing communities in group dialogue and action to promote healthy sexual relationships.

Through intentional and facilitated group engagements, communities can begin to shift social norms that negatively impact women’s and girls’ access to family planning information and services.

Community engagement can also bring different generations together – typically older generations with youth – to gain a better understanding of each other with the goal of addressing barriers youth are facing related to their access to reproductive health information and services.

Below are the community group engagement interventions that local governments are implementing in TCI-supported hubs.

Community Dialogue

La Redevabilité Communautaire pour Assurer la Qualité des Services PF/SSRAJ

Strengthening Women’s Groups (Mahila Arogya Samitis)

Intergenerational Dialogue

Intergenerational Dialogue

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