NGO Partnerships

A Key Ingredient for Success

Local, regional and international non-governmental organizations (NGOs) are significant stakeholders in increasing family planning demand and services. NGOs are essential partners for the Challenge Initiative.

Local and regional NGOs can support the Challenge Initiative in several ways:

  1. Promote the Initiative to interested government agencies and highlight the goals and benefits of participation
  2. Support cities in the pursuit of Initiative funding and implementation of Initiative programming, if identified by participating cities
  3. Apply directly to the Initiative, if sanctioned by the city, as an individual organization or as a group

International NGOs can support the Challenge Initiative in the following ways:

  1. Serve as accelerator hubs in key countries and regions to expand the Initiative model in new geographies
  2. Collaborate with the Initiative through existing reproductive, maternal, newborn and child health mechanisms to adopt Initiative tools and approaches to providing family planning program implementation
  3. Advocate for the Initiative among donors, technical working groups and other family planning forums to promote a new approach to meeting FP2020 goals

Partner with the Initiative and make a dramatic impact on urban reproductive health around the world.

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