TCI University: Coaching

TCI’s coaching approach has several unique elements: The model is locally owned and implemented. The process is systematic yet flexible. And it is grounded in a commitment to sustainable transformation.

TCI hubs – based in East Africa, Francophone West Africa, India, Nigeria and the Philippines – embed coaching systems within local structures to increase the confidence and capacity of staff from the public sector and NGOs and civil society organizations (CSOs) to adapt, manage, implement and lead more coordinated, results-driven, smartly resourced and sustainable family planning and adolescent and youth sexual and reproductive health (ASYRH) programs that meet the needs of people in their particular contexts.

Led by accomplished technical teams of urban reproductive health and AYSRH experts, TCI’s hubs act as knowledge brokers – connecting local government managers and implementers to the critical tools, information and expertise they need to design, implement, manage and monitor successful family planning and AYSRH programs.

Coaches are available to guide local government managers and implementers through the TCI process, facilitate program planning and assist with problem-solving as needed. While program design and implementation are fully under the control of the cities, coaches are on hand to provide mentoring and guidance as needed. Coaching may take place in-person or virtually.

TCI’s “Lead, Assist, Observe” Coaching Model

Coaching typically starts out at high intensity, but city managers and implementers expect this to gradually taper off as implementation progresses and city teams gain confidence. This is referred to as TCI’s “Lead, Assist, Observe” coaching model. 

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