TCI Global Toolkit: TCI Essentials

What Are TCI Essentials?

TCI Essentials are approaches or interventions that help you accomplish good family planning design and programming. These Essentials do not exactly fit within the Services & Supply, Demand Generation or Advocacy program areas, but are deemed to be crucial for successfully implementing the approaches within those program areas.

TCI’s ‘Business Unusual’ Approach

TCI’s “business unusual” approach to financing, scaling up and sustaining high-impact family planning solutions for the urban poor is a strategic shift away from the traditional model of development. TCI is demand-driven – local governments self-select to participate and demonstrate political commitment by bringing their own financial, material and human resources to bear. In return, TCI provides technical expertise as well as support from its Challenge Fund. TCI leverages funding support from other sources too, such as bilateral and multilateral donors as well as foundations and the private sector.

TCI uses a four-stage process to engage local governments: first, they submit an expression of interest, then together with TCI, they design a program and finally they implement that program.

TCI follows the highly successful Urban Reproductive Health Initiative (URHI), which was also funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and implemented in Kenya, Nigeria, Senegal and India. The high-impact best practice interventions used by URHI have been collected here in TCI University – both in its current regional hubs and in this Global Toolkit. The Global Toolkit’s Services & Supply, Demand Generation and Advocacy program areas are a synthesis of what worked at the country level and are designed to be adapted to the local context. Intense monitoring and evaluation of URHI showed that much of its success was due to the strategic integration of these three program areas. This integration is referred to internally at TCI as the “secret sauce” for successful family planning programming.

Additional Skills Needed for Success

In addition to these three program areas, TCI has identified other areas that will help family planning programmers design and implement successfully. These are available on the right and include Being a TCI Leader, Adaptation, Program Design, Data for Decision-Making and Resource Mobilization.

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