TCI Global Toolkit: Advocacy

Advocacy focuses on creating an enabling and supportive environment for individuals who choose to use family planning. Rather than targeting potential clients or service providers, advocacy activities aim to garner support for project activities as well as necessary policy change at all levels of the government. Examples of advocacy activities include encouraging religious leaders to speak publicly about their support for FP, working with journalists to ensure more accurate coverage of FP, and working with government health teams to dedicate public funds for FP. Advocacy can also contribute to reforming the supply chain, as the ISSU project did in Senegal.

Advocacy can be aimed at any level at government – from the national level down to the local community level, as well as with the private sector and with the media.

Some common success factors:

  • Plan your advocacy activities early
  • Build coalitions with others (individuals, organizations, etc.) to make a larger impact
  • Be strategic in your activities (use one of the TCI tools to develop a strategy, including refining your message and choosing the target audience)
  • Monitor your progress and make adaptations to your strategy as needed. Be creative!

TCI’s advocacy approach is a flexible, adaptable framework that focuses on facilitating the implementation of demand generation and service delivery activities.


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