TCI University


Toolkits house tools and resources to help you implement proven family planning and other interventions.


The support you need to advance through the TCI three-stage process and implement a proven family planning intervention.

Community of Practice

Provides a space for knowledge sharing to facilitate the rapid scale-up of proven family planning interventions.
Designing and implementing successful, evidence-based family planning programs for the urban poor requires ongoing learning and knowledge exchange. The toolkit is the foundation for our work by providing highly synthesized and practical how-to guidance and tools on how to implement proven family planning approaches. Coaching and communities of practice provide opportunities for more hands-on technical support and peer-to-peer learning and exchange.

These components of TCI University (TCI-U) are designed to meet the learning needs of distinct audiences at different stages of the Initiative’s model – from expression of interest to program design to implementation. This approach to learning is both comprehensive and simple. It provides standardized information and tools, which can be customized and tailored to meet city program needs.


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