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Are you interested in implementing high-impact family planning (FP) and adolescent and youth sexual and reproductive health (AYSRH) practices and other interventions but need relevant “how to” information and contextualized examples and tools?

 TCI University (TCI-U) is a dynamic platform offering high-impact urban family planning and AYSRH interventions for learning, adapting, disseminating and coaching. As a key mechanism to build capacity and strengthen health systems, TCI-U supports local governments to scale up these interventions with in-person and virtual coaching, online toolkits and a vibrant community of practice.


In-person and virtual support to help local governments successfully design and implement evidence-based family planning or youth reproductive health interventions for optimal scale and impact.


An online collection of curated tools and approaches designed to help local governments implement their own evidence-based family planning or youth reproductive health interventions.

Community of Practice

An open space for all TCI stakeholders to connect and share knowledge and learnings related to scale, impact and sustainability of evidence-based interventions.


Who Is TCI-U For?

TCI-U is a global good in that it is publicly accessible to anyone. However, it is designed specifically for the following audiences:

  • ITCI Hub staff: Individuals with many years of family planning experience, who will need to be oriented and trained on TCI tools and key competencies, such as coaching, adaptation and leveraging resources.
  • IManagers: Local government leaders (in existing and potential TCI locations) who make a political commitment and allocate local resources to strengthen FP programs. They likely do not have a strong familiarity with FP programs,
  • IImplementers: Those at the front lines of project activities in existing and potential TCI geographies. Implementers are likely to be family planning, health or supply chain management professionals who will need to learn how to adapt and apply high-impact interventions and tools from TCI-U to implement and strengthen their own urban family planning programs.

What Does TCI-U Solve?

TCI-U is organized to solve three key challenges for its audiences:

  • IManagers are busy. Solution: TCI-U content is action-oriented and easy to navigate
  • IManagers and implementers learn in different ways. Solution: The three elements of TCI-U provide a blended approach to learning
  • IHubs, managers, and implementers benefit from frequent reinforcement. Solution: Content is designed to be user-friendly, presented in a variety of formats and consumed on demand

How TCI-U Works

TCI-U is part of an overall four-stage engagement process that TCI uses with local governments: 1) Start-Up, 2) Implementation and Surge, 3) Pre-Graduation, and 4) Graduation and Beyond. Throughout these stages, TCI provides coaching to build a cadre of master coaches but the intensity of TCI’s coaching declines as local coaches become more skilled.




Once a local government’s expression of interest (EOI) is approved, a family planning program is designed and the local government commitment is secured. Coaching begins at highest intensity with Lead.


Implementation and Surge

Local government implements targeted high-impact practices and other interventions as TCI coaching intensity begins to taper down to Assist. Monitoring is underway for family planning impact and local governments assess their performance using the RAISE Assessment tool.



Coaching shifts to Observe as local capacity builds and health systems strengthen. Key HIPs and other interventions are institutionalized. Local government prepares for graduation.


Graduation and Beyond

Monitoring takes place for another two years with coaching available On Demand. High-performing local governments receive recognition and become model cities as TCI alumni.

Coaching is at its highest intensity in the Lead phase. It begins to taper down in the Assist phase and eventually shifts to Observe. After TCI direct support ends, the Monitor stage continues for about two years. This process is designed to ensure local governments are able to sustain impact beyond engagement with TCI.


What Are The Benefits of TCI-U?


  • Meet people from your region and other regions who are facing similar programmatic challenges as you
  • Get immediate solutions to solve urgent issues in scaling up evidence-based approaches
  • Learn how to apply evidence-based approaches as part of your family planning and AYSRH program
  • Improve your knowledge about evidence-based family planning and AYSRH approaches
  • Earn a certificate of completion to demonstrate your newly acquired knowledge
  • Access coaches for additional support


It [TCI-U] creates a type of family, and the geographic barriers are removed by TCI because we have become a big TCI family, the Francophones. But also, there’s India, we have other countries … there is really this cohesion, this shared life where really when we meet at conferences, sometimes we meet again, it is TCI who really got us together. and well, it’s a big family.

TCI-U User

from Senegal

Urban family planning requires a lot of innovations and TCI-U is one such platform that provides innovative proven approaches. I like everything about TCI-U because it helps to understand our roles better, provides ways to get quick results and offers solutions to overcome potential challenges. That it is my job to improve family planning indicators and take decisions. TCI-U helps me do that.

TCI-U User

from India

I have taken time to learn all of the modules [on TCI-U] that I feel will help me deliver quality adolescent and youth sexual and reproductive services within the immunization clinic. While I’ve seen improved immunization coverage, the most significant change that I’ve witnessed is the uptake of long-acting, reversible family planning methods and uptake of contraceptive methods by adolescents. This has been achieved by using TCI-U approaches and tools.

TCI-U User

from Kenya

I was just posted to the FP Unit and did not really know much about FP talk nor the high impact FP interventions. There was this hunger to update my skills so that I will be relevant in my new place of assignment. Thank God I met TCI team on the ground and after much verbal coaching, I was referred to the TCI-U….The TCI-U Challenge just added fuel to the fire and zeal to learn more. I am now better positioned to carry out duties assign to me with confidence.

TCI-U User

from Nigeria

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