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The Challenge Initiative offers a groundbreaking opportunity to have a dramatic impact on reproductive health for underserved urban poor communities worldwide, especially in Africa and Asia. Take advantage of this opportunity to help us build a brighter future for people and cities globally. We are looking for donors, cities and regional governments, individual champions, and non-governmental organizations to work with around the world.


The future of poverty is urban. Join other donors in solving one of the most pressing issues of the 21st century: the health care needs of the rapidly growing population of poor people in cities. Invest in one of the best bets in philanthropy and support proven, efficient reproductive health programs.


Take a proven reproductive health program and shape it for your local needs, with support from trusted partners.


Become a champion for women and help us meet the growing need for reproductive health services in urban settings.


Partner with the Initiative and make a dramatic impact on urban reproductive health around the world.


Take part in a ready-made, proven investment with trusted partners.