TCI Core Package of Interventions

NextGen Top 10

TCI coaches help local governments adapt and implement high-impact interventions using TCI-U’s collection of highly synthesized how-to guidance and tools. The interventions included in TCI-U are a combination of what worked under the Urban Reproductive Health Initiative (URHI)1 and globally accepted high-impact practices (HIPs) selected by the HIP Partnership of FP2030, IPPF, UNFPA, USAID and WHO. TCI’s Global Family Planning Toolkit and AYSRH Toolkit provide standardized information and tools based on what worked under URHI and global evidence, which can be customized and tailored to meet local program needs. Hub-specific toolkits (East Africa, Francophone West Africa, India, Nigeria and Philippines) contain guidance and tools derived from the global evidence and interventions but adapted for the local context.

TCI has identified a core package of  the following 10 high-impact interventions called “NextGen Top 10” that will ensure access to quality family planning services by those with unmet need. The NextGen Top 10 represent the most effective, efficient and scalable mix of service, demand and advocacy interventions that local governments are able to effectively implement and monitor across TCI geographies.  

[1] UHRI evaluations found that programming that deliberately targeted Services, Demand Generation and Advocacy (SDA) – and ensured they were interconnected – led to significant increases in contraceptive prevalence.

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