Opportunities for Cities

Take the Lead, Own the Solution – with Support from TCI

Cities that engage with TCI have an unprecedented opportunity to efficiently scale high-impact family planning interventions for sustainable impact. With support from TCI’s regional hubs in East Africa, Francophone West Africa, India, Nigeria, Pakistan and the Philippines, cities take the lead in designing and implementing a family planning program that fills critical gaps.

Benefits of participation:

  • Provide state-of-the-art family planning and health services to the urban poor in your community
  • Receive practical guidance on how to strengthen advocacy efforts, improve service delivery, generate demand for family planning services, minimize supply-side barriers and more
  • Receive seed funding from the Challenge Fund.* This incentive eventually declines – over a period of about three years – as cities become more self-reliant
  • Access easy-to-follow toolkits on TCI University – adapted for the local context – and become part of a global community of practice to share innovations and lessons learned
  • Receive technical coaching to help implement a program that TCI will help you design, while the cities lead and own the implementation.

To participate in TCI, submit a simple expression of interest (EOI) that demonstrates your willingness, readiness and ability to address reproductive health challenges. Once the EOI is approved, you will receive assistance with developing your program design.

* The Challenge Fund incentivizes cities to participate by providing leveraged funding from TCI donors and supporters. This seed funding does not necessarily match a city’s own contribution. Challenge Fund support declines as cities become more self reliant and funding for family planning programming is institutionalized. This approach is designed to instill sustainability of funding after TCI support ends.

Our Demand-Driven Model


Submit an Expression of Interest

If you are interested in improving access to  family planning services and information in you city (or county, state), contact TCI to signify your interest in joining. One of our regional hub partners will work with you to document and validate your interest. You will be asked to provide the following in TCI’s expression of interest form:

  • Evidence of political commitment
  • A description of health system capacity
  • An account of demographic need
  • A commitment of local resources to contribute to implementation


Design a Program

If your expression of interest is approved, you will receive technical support from the regional hub partner to identify gaps and design a program that addresses the most critical gaps. In the course of designing your program, you will explore TCI University and its outstanding package of high-impact interventions with practical guidance and tools for successful program implementation. You will outline your funding needs to get support from TCI’s Challenge Fund while confirming the local resources you will contribute towards the proposed program.


Implement a Program

Selected cities from Stage 2 will receive financial assistance from TCI’s Challenge Fund to supplement their own local contribution. TCI’s regional hub partner will be on hand to provide technical coaching that begins at a high intensity but declines as local capacity and health systems are strengthened. The city will also join TCI’s global community of practice, where participants learn from each other and share proven best practices in delivering quality family planning and health services to their citizens. Together with the city, TCI will track progress in real-time to provide immediate feedback on what is working well and what needs adjustment.



After meeting a set of criteria for “graduation,” selected cities from Stage 3 will transition to coaching on-demand. Support from TCI’s Challenge Fund will decline, but monitoring will continue. The city also becomes eligible for TCI’s alumni network and can serve as a resource for new cities engaging with TCI.

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