Gender Essentials

Gender Intentional Interventions

TCI supports the efforts of local governments and their partners to address gender throughout all stages of engagement with TCI, especially through the scale-up of gender intentional family planning and AYSRH interventions. This will help achieve the goal of equal access to information and services for all people, especially women and girls. Taking gender into consideration will help reduce bias and barriers caused by norms, roles and behaviors associated with gender. There are many ways to be gender intentional. Examples include organizing activities to encourage male engagement, fostering intergenerational dialogue and encouraging health providers to use empowering messages. Through a wide range of approaches, local governments working with TCI undertake steps – as outlined in the previous lessons – to transform unequal and harmful gender inequalities.

Gender intentional interventions are organized by service delivery, demand generation and advocacy. View each area and learn more about the added value of incorporating a gender lens in the scale-up of these interventions.

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