Mass Media and Gender

Mass media programming in reproductive health can influence individual behaviors by providing accurate information, building self-efficacy, and promoting attitudes and social norms that support healthy reproductive behaviors.

Mass media programming can discourage men’s sexual risk-taking and violent and controlling behaviors, can demonstrate the benefits of equitable partnerships between women and men, can increase self-efficacy or confidence for women and men to take action to prevent unintended pregnancies, and/or change perceived norms that discourage family planning and contraceptive use.

Because mass media helps provide accurate information and helps model attitudes and behaviors that can improve social norms related to family planning, TCI considers it a gender intentional intervention.

Below are the mass media interventions that local governments in TCI-supported hubs.

Mass Media

Promoting Family Planning and Contraceptive Services Using Radio

Communication de Masse

Adapt and Air Media Spots

Mass Media

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