Postpartum Family Planning and Gender

Facility-based childbirth services offer an ideal platform to reach women and their partners with family planning information and services, provided women’s right to make a full and informed choice are respected.

As a result, postpartum family planning (PPFP) improves women’s access to family planning by offering contraceptive counseling and services as part of facility-based childbirth care prior to discharge from the health facility.

Since male partners and loved ones often visit the health facility prior to discharge, the postpartum period also presents an opportunity to engage male partners and other loved ones who may influence a woman’s access and decision-making related to the benefits of family planning.

Because postpartum family planning improves access to family planning and may play a role in making family planning more acceptable among community members, TCI considers it a gender intentional intervention.

Below are the postpartum family planning interventions that local governments in TCI-supported hubs are using to reach women and their families at a critical time for making decisions about contraceptive use.

Immediate Postpartum Family Planning

Post-Pregnancy Family Planning

Planification Familiale du Post Partum immédiat

Increased Postpartum Family Planning Services Results In Improved Maternal And Child Health

Postpartum Family Planning

Postpartum Family Planning

Postpartum Family Planning

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