Philippines Toolkit: Service Delivery

Adolescent-Friendly Health Services

Indicators for success

Vertical Indicators
  • Inclusion of AFHS into the Program Design
  • Inclusion of AFHS in the Work & Financial Plan, Annual Operational Plan, Annual Investment Plan
  • Adoption of AFHS standards as per DOH National Policy and Strategic Framework on Adolescent Health and Development, DOH Key Assistance for Adolescents Manual & CPD Information and Service Delivery for Adolescent Health and Development Manual
Horizontal Indicators
  • # of eligible health facilities providing AY friendly health services
  • # of staff trained/oriented on providing AY friendly health services (Adolescent Job Aid, Adolescent Health Education and Practical Training)

What evidence supports the strengthening of family planning through AFHS?

The City of Cagayan de Oro has implemented a system for developing ISDN to enhance adolescent services. This system involves both health centers and barangays as primary service providers for adolescents. As part of this initiative, SK representatives from each barangay underwent training alongside BHWs to conduct HEEADSSS screening. They are now stationed at Barangay Health Stations to augment the services provided by Adolescent-friendly Health Facilities.



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