Pakistan: Demand Generation

Community Health Workers

What Is the Evidence?

In 2017, Greenstar Social Marketing conducted an endline survey of its privately funded Social Franchise Program to establish indicators on perceptions and attitudes on family planning products and services and exposure to family planning communication messages among women from all socioeconomic groups in the selected 25 districts of Pakistan where the program was implemented. 2210 MWRA responded to the survey. The findings are summarized below.

  • The three most common sources for obtaining FP methods included government hospitals (74%), private hospitals & clinics (64%), and LHWs (56%).
  • Close to one third (30%) of the women reported a visit by a health worker during the last three months.
  • Of the women who were visited by a worker, 88% were visited by a public sector worker, 10% by a Greenstar worker, while 2% were not aware where the worker came from.
  • Family planning was the most common (78%) topic discussed by the health workers with the women. Other common topics discussed were birth spacing (19%), side effects of family planning (14%) and antenatal care (11%).


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