Nigeria Toolkit: AYSRH Advocacy

Intervention in Action: Increased capacity to implement AYRH programs

Authored by Glory Omomase, TCI Demand Generation Technical Support Lead, Niger State

In Niger State, the AHD office existed prior to TCI’s engagements with the State. However, the office was not fully functional. The AHDO, Hajia Fati Gogo, came to the position with a clinical background, having never served as a program manager before. As a result, she was unsure how to do program management and effectively oversee the AYSRH department, which was fairly new.

TCI coaching has provided Hajia Fati with opportunities to develop and strengthen skills not only related to AYSRH program design and implementation but also related to coordination, presentation and public speaking. Speaking on her increased capacity and confidence, Hajia Fati said “Prior to TCI’s support for AYSRH intervention in Niger state, I knew that adolescents and youth are a huge chunk of unmet need for FP but I knew little or nothing about strategies and approaches to reach them. In the past 12 months, TCI [had] built my capacity on ways to engage these youth and make services available for them. I used to be a shy person and experience stage fright, but since engaging with TCI, I have built my self-confidence and can speak publicly [on adolescent and youth reproductive health needs in Niger State].”

As a result of this increased capacity and confidence, Hajia Fati now know how to more effectively work with other line ministries and coordinate CSOs to carry out youth-focused activities. She monitors and tracks progress of implementation, providing proper documentation to ministry leadership and other line ministries, and has attracted funding from other implementing partners, such as Pathfinder International and Education as a Vaccine (EVA). In addition, with TCI’s coaching support, she has made presentations at the Adolescent and Youth Family Planning Conference held in Ibadan in March 2019 and the National Conference on Adolescent and Youth held in Abuja in May 2019 to share more broadly with stakeholders about the AYRH work going on in Niger State.



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