Nigeria Toolkit: Advocacy

Success indicators
  • Number of media practitioners trained across the states
  • Percentage of media houses programming/reporting on FP and AYSRH in TCI-sponsored states
  • Number of FP and AYSRH documentaries, campaigns, public discussions on FP aired on national and state radio and television
Expected outcomes
  • Improved capacity of journalists and social media bloggers on FP messaging, reporting, writing compelling FP stories and media discussions on FP and AYSRH through training and coaching
  • Increased coverage/reporting of FP and AYSRH discourse by media outlets and visibility of FP and AYSRH in the media space using traditional and digital platforms
  • Good understanding of identified media practitioners in private and government MDAs at the state and LGA level that can influence negative societal norms on FP in Nigeria using on-site visits and evidence to inform reporting and discourse
  • Scaled up, sustained and institutionalized media advocacy campaign on FP and AYSRH in the states by establishing a state media forum and providing mentorship
  • Tracked and documented media reports on FP and AYSRH and engaging with these reports to inform discussion
  • Implemented periodic oversight support to ensure continuity and quality of the FP and AYSRH information disseminated by the media


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