Creating Demand for Family Planning and AYSRH

Any successful family planning and adolescent and youth sexual and reproductive health (AYSRH) program needs a demand creation strategy to draw more clients to family planning services. This toolkit describes approaches to demand creation that have worked in the urban setting in Kenya as described in Tupange’s three-pronged Demand Creation Strategy (Celebrate life strategy):

  • Improving the capacity of community health workers to promote family planning (see CHW approach)
  • Strengthening family planning interpersonal communication skills among health workers (see Service Delivery)
  • Using entertainment-education approaches to promote family planning (see E-E approach)

It is possible for these approaches to effectively reach young people, but program implementers need to be intentional in making sure that young people are not only reached but with messages and visuals that speak to them. As a result, this toolkit includes approaches to specifically target them in addition to integrating them into the above-mentioned approaches.