• Lisa Mwaikambo posted an update 3 weeks, 5 days ago

    Lesson 1: Stay responsive, stay relevant, stay the course: “This lesson is all about striking the right balance between being focused on the goal and remaining agile along the way…. Most often, on the journey to scale, our partners have needed to pivot their model at key inflection points–for example, moving from directly delivering a service to instead equipping a network of partners to deliver a service…. Each time an inflection point is reached, organizations need to innovate and quickly test these new ideas and collect real-world feedback that indicates how well a solution could work…. For organizations, maintaining a strong relationship with the partners who deliver their solution can allow them to manage the roll out of adaptations–and learn about new discoveries from the frontline that might prompt them to adapt. It’s important, too, to be genuinely customer-centric, with a direct route to finding out what users really need.”