TCI University 2019 User Survey Shows TCI-U Is a Frequently Used and Trusted Resource

by | Nov 15, 2019

Launched in September 2017, TCI University (TCI-U) provides the foundation for the rapid scale-up of TCI’s proven solutions by supporting the transfer of key knowledge and skills, and cultivating a culture of learning, exchange and continuous improvement. TCI-U was developed based on principles of adult learning, by taking into account the varying levels of prior experience of learners, allowing self-directed discovery, and orienting content and tools towards task performance.

Every year, TCI conducts a TCI-U registered users’ assessment to assess the reach, usability, usefulness and use of TCI-U resources, uncover additional insights focused on TCI’s coaching approach, and collect suggestions for improving the community of practice and TCI-U in general. When comparing this year’s results to last year’s baseline, TCI  noted several similar trends.

Overall, users think that various TCI-U resources and tools are highly relevant and useful for their work. In addition, the effects of TCI-U on users’ knowledge, attitude and practice have remained extremely positive, supported by concrete examples about the ways that users have improved their skills, knowledge and program implementation and ultimately achieved their programmatic outcomes as a result of TCI-U.

See the infographic below for some of the key findings.