Bridging the Gap: TCI Launches Family Planning Quality Assessment Checklists for East Africa

Mar 27, 2020

Contributors: Njeri Nyamu & Maheen Malik

The Challenge Initiative (TCI) in East Africa (locally implemented as Tupange Pamoja) has launched a new set of implementation quality assessment checklists. The checklists are designed to ensure quality and maintain standardization when implementing TCI’s evidence-based interventions amid its scale-up and diffusion efforts. The set contains 10 checklists for various TCI implementation activities and were developed, with collaborative input from local governments, as a retrospective data collection tool to guide implementers, evaluators and other stakeholders implementing interventions to increase access and uptake of family planning options.

Tupange Pamoja is committed to learning from its efforts and adapting accordingly, so these checklists will be useful for both program managers and facility-level implementers  when conducting periodic assessments of implementation quality. The checklists will provide information to the users on which elements to improve or drop based on how an activity was conducted. When coupled with East Africa’s Sisi kwa Sisi coaching approach, the quality assessments are designed to reinforce capacity and consistency, improve outcomes and strengthen city ownership of sustainable family planning service delivery activities.

An important feature of the quality assessment checklist process is the development of an action plan in line with the Reflection and Action to Improve Self-reliance and Effectiveness (RAISE) tool that identifies specific follow-up steps and a timeline. See example of one checklist below: