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Welcome to the TCI University Global Toolkit! The goal of the Global Toolkit is to provide information and tools for designing, planning and implementing a successful, comprehensive urban family planning program.

Evaluations of four urban reproductive health initiatives found that thoughtful programming that deliberately targeted Services & Supply, Demand Generation and Advocacy – and ensured that they were interconnected – led to significant achievements in contraceptive prevalence. As a result, the Global Toolkit is organized around these three program areas, as well as Essentials (such as effective leadership and data for decision-making), which are core competencies every family planning programmer should know.

You can also access the five regional or “hub” toolkits (Francophone West Africa, Nigeria, East Africa, India and Philippines) from the menu above for more contextualized information and tools.

You need to become a registered member of the TCI University community and log in to access the approaches and tools in each program area. Then, you can choose from the program areas above.

Once you are in a specific approach within the Global Toolkit, you will find a Take Notes tool that allows you to type in and/or copy and paste relevant notes/text/URLs as you review the approach. You have the ability to save these notes and/or print them. If you save them, you will be able to return to them at a later visit. These notes are stored in your Profile page.

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