Adolescent & Youth Sexual & Reproductive Health Toolkit

The Challenge Initiative’s AYSRH Toolkit presents evidence-based interventions for increasing youth access to sexual and reproductive health (SRH) services and information in urban environments. Our approach is multi-pronged:

  1. Making data on youth sexual and reproductive health visible 
  2. Advocating for youth-friendly cities at the government and community levels 
  3. Developing engaging messages for youth
  4. Addressing provide bias and service quality  

Youth are involved from the start to help adapt approaches to fit local contexts in each of the four main AYSRH intervention areas. 

In developing the Toolkit, researchers prioritized the findings from the Urban Reproductive Health Initiative (URHI), a Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation-funded multi-country program focused on increasing access to contraception in urban environments. While URHI was not adolescent-focused, there were important lessons learned, particularly from the Nigerian and Kenyan contexts, that have been integrated into the AYSRH Toolkit. Beyond URHI, the Toolkit also contains evidence from global research and evaluations of initiatives serving urban youth and SRH. Given limits in the urban-specific literature, more general AYSRH programmatic evidence was included if it was considered to have “urban potential.”


How Do I Use this Toolkit?

The Toolkit will support the implementation of AYSRH approaches in those cities that want to include a youth component within their family planning/reproductive health programs. When designing a program for young people in urban environments, program implementers should consult the guidance and tools in the Global Toolkit in addition to the AYSRH Toolkit. 



See a full listing of all AYSRH references.

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