Family Planning Is a Best Buy for Sustainable Development

Invest in an Innovative Model

For years, national and multinational corporations have supported broad health development efforts in key geographies through robust corporate social responsibility (CSR) platforms and/or by providing direct health care services on site to employees to improve access to health services.

The Challenge Initiative is seeking existing and new national and multinational corporate partners to take part in a ready-made, proven investment with trusted partners.

Underwritten by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (the foundation), the Initiative is an attractive investment for the corporate sector for the following reasons:

  • It builds off the foundation’s earlier investment in urban reproductive health programs, which were externally evaluated and proven to drive significant increases in access to family planning services and use of modern contraceptives
  • Is a ready-made investment that is not only leveraged by seed funding from the foundation but also by local governments, which self-select to join the Initiative and are required to use their own funds to participate
  • Attracts additional supporters, like bilateral and multinational donors, high-net-worth individuals and international and local foundations, creating a minimum of two other investments for each investment made
  • Allows for flexibility in what geographies or program support corporations would like to be involved in, depending on your priorities; corporate support can be both financial and in-kind and can build off existing programs being implemented
  • Funds programming that is mission-driven, not benefitting only one organization

Help build a brighter future for individuals, families and cities worldwide by investing in the Initiative.

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