Powerful Ideas

This year, TCI will host a Powerful Ideas Competition to award and recognize individuals and/or teams who submit creative ideas and or solutions for the next three years. When submitting your creative ideas, please consider what lessons learned, best practices and reflections you made in coming up with your ideas or solutions that will aid in reaching TCI’s goals. You might consider thinking beyond three years, such as how your ideas will fit into TCI’s developing 10-year strategy.

Requirements of Competition: Failure to meet these rules will result in disqualification from the competition

  • You must be a member of TCI University, Community of Practice and have downloaded the TCI APP.
  • You can only submit one Powerful Idea per category, per person.
  • You can only submit up to one Powerful Ideas per hub team for only one category.
  • Your submission must answer each question outlined in the application below.
  • Prizes will only be awarded for high-quality submissions. Decisions of the judges are final and not subject to appeal.

Categories of Submission

  • Big ideas for TCI University
  • Big ideas for engaging local governments and ensuring release of commitments
  • Big ideas for donor engagement
  • Big ideas new ways of implementing and measuring TCI’s impact


  • Submit your Ideas here by June 14, 2019.
  • Key Challenge Statement: Please share a short narrative identifying a key challenge that speaks to your Powerful Idea.
  • Existing Solutions: Please provide a short overview on what services, innovations, interventions or products exist to address your challenge and speak to your Powerful Idea. Discuss any gaps that may exist and any shortcomings of these solutions in the past.
  • Your Powerful Idea: Provide a short narrative on your Powerful Idea (is it a program, a product, service, etc.) how it works and the intended impact. Thinking about how this idea would be implemented, what challenges do you foresee and how will those challenges be addressed?
  • Timeline: Depending on your idea, please explain what the next steps are for enacting or implementing your idea.
  • Measuring Impact and Success: Please explain how you will measure the impact or success of this idea. This can be an informal measurement process but should explain how the progress could be tracked. How will your idea impact TCI’s goals and the work we do?
  • Team or Individual Names: Please submit the names of those who developed, created or thinkered this Powerful Idea.

Criteria for Judging

  • Quality and Creativity (50%): The applicant makes a clear and compelling case that for their Powerful Idea
  • Viability (30%): The Powerful Idea was well thought through, demonstrates potential for addressing the challenge identified, discussed existing solutions and gaps that addressed the solutions.
  • Impact (20%): The applicant addressed the potential for impact and how it would TCI’s goal.


We are using an online platform for an easy application and judging process.

  • An International Judging Group will be comprised of one person from each hub and one person from TCI Global. We will ask each hub to nominate an individual for the judging process. This individual will not be allowed to participate in the competition nor will they provide any information on the competition to a member of their hub or outside of their hub.
  • Once the competition closes, Judges will be assigned a select number of Powerful Ideas to review and will submit their scores and feedback.
  • All judging will be anonymous.
  • Judges will first check that each applicant is a member of TCI University as well as the Community of Practice. If the applicant is not, or a member of the hub team submitting is not the individual and/or team will be disqualified.
  • Judges will base their feedback and scores based on the judging criteria above.


Two sets of awards will be given:

  • 6 Awards will be given for the Most Powerful Ideas, based on the criteria above.
  • 1 Award will be given to the hub with the Most Powerful Idea, based on the criteria above.

Example: Oying Rimon talks about 10 BIG Ideas for future of BCC but also a look back at lessons learned from a large global BCC project.

If you have questions on this competition please reach out to Kate Graham, Jessica Mirano and Kathryn Walsh