Individual Investments Have a Dramatic Impact

Proven Results with Trusted Partners

The Challenge Initiative is seeking individual philanthropists and private donors who want to invest in proven programs and partners in order to have a dramatic impact on urban family planning. The Initiative is a unique investment opportunity, capable of reaching the urban poor with a proven model because it builds off the success and results from the Urban Reproductive Health Initiative (URHI). Together, we can enable more women in underserved urban centers to access life-saving, modern family planning methods to allow them to decide if, when and how many children they want to have.

As an individual donor, you have the benefit of leveraging your investment at a rate of at least 1:3. First, seed funding from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation supports the Initiative’s global office, Challenge Fund and accelerator hubs in four geographies (so far). Second, governments that self-select to join the Initiative are required to make their own financial investment towards family planning. Third, just six months into the program, local high-net-worth individuals, local foundations and corporations, and existing international governments and multilateral donors have already begun contributing their own resources towards the Initiative. Join with the Initiative to expand access to family planning for the urban poor in at least 300 cities in the next three years.

Globally, family planning assistance is on the decline . At the London Summit on Family Planning in 2012, government leaders pledged to enable 120 million more women and girls to use family planning by 2020. At the mid-point in 2016 , the global community is not on track to meet this goal.


In 2015, only three government donors provided more than 80% of family planning donor dollars, and this support is at risk. To meet the London Summit goals, the family planning community requires new supporters to invest in our work. As individual investors, you can provide financial and in-kind support for a specific geography, intervention and/or partner within the Initiative through the Challenge Fund.

Invest in the Challenge Initiative, become a champion for women and help us meet the growing need for reproductive health services in urban settings.

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