TCI’s Monitoring, Evaluation & Learning (MEL) strategy focuses extensively on strengthening, monitoring and evaluating the effectiveness of TCI high-impact interventions (HIIs) by working hand-in-hand with the state team, which comprises of staff from the Department of Planning, Research and Statistics of State Ministry of Health (SMOH), Hospital Management Board (HMB) and Primary Health Care Management Board (PHCMB), state HMIS officer, FP statistician, HMB M&E officer, PHCMB M&E officer as well as LGA M&E officers. TCI MEL coach is embedded within the Department of Planning, Research, and Statistics of the three health arms of the state, i.e., SMOH, HMB and PHCMB.

TCI’s MEL strategy takes a multi-phased approach to ensure learning and sharing related to the HIIs are incorporated into program design, implementation and evaluation.