The Challenge Initiative team stands with the Omu of Asaba, Dr. Ada Biosah.

The Challenge Initiative (the Initiative) made headlines last month in Nigeria when Her Royal Highness the Omu of Asaba, Dr. Ada Biosah, agreed to serve as family planning champion in Delta State. As a traditional ruler with international standing, Biosah will help bring visibility to several family planning issues in the Asaba zone of Delta State.

During a recently held mapping of reproductive health stakeholders in Nigeria, the Initiative identified Biosah as a promising advocate for women, family planning and maternal health. She subsequently agreed to collaborate with advocates and promote access and awareness of family planning services and programs in Asaba.

The Omu of Asaba, Dr. Ada Biosah delivers a passionate speech.

After practicing medicine for more than 35 years in the United States, Biosah returned to Nigeria to ascend to the throne held by her family. She is well respected both by government leaders and traditional rulers. In addition to family planning advocacy, Biosah committed to reducing the number of avoidable deaths of women in her community, a loss which could be mitigated by improving family planning services in the region.

This family planning win comes after the Delta State First Lady Dame Edith Okowa emerged as one of the Initiative’s first major champions in Nigeria last year. As Initiative champions, Biosah and Okowa will help foster awareness and disperse educational information around family planning programs and services.