TCI’s New Learning Series Documents Scale and Sustainability from Theory to Action

by | Mar 5, 2019

The Challenge Initiative has launched a new learning series, Pathways to Scale and Sustainability or PASS, to chronicle lessons learned as local governments implement TCI’s proven interventions with the aim of taking them to scale. Each issue is based on a theoretical model and includes case studies and examples of how TCI has put the theory into action.

The inaugural issue (below) showcases India’s 30-hour Magic + innovation and Nigeria’s 72-hour makeovers, as well as TCI’s modified program design process. It demonstrates how TCI found the right mix of features for scale and sustainability by using the five characteristics of the Diffusion of Innovations theory that influence how quickly an intervention will spread.

The series is in alignment with the overall TCI model, which is grounded in a culture of local ownership, innovation, learning, exchange and continuous improvement. TCI’s PASS Learning Series will be published periodically as TCI works to rapidly scale up and sustain proven reproductive health solutions for under-served urban poor communities, learns from implementation, and uses that knowledge to evolve its model and ensure success. Select content from this series will be written up in more detail for consideration in peer-reviewed journals.

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