TCI University Continues to Receive High Praise from Its Users: 2020 User Survey Findings

by | Aug 17, 2020

Every year, The Challenge Initiative (TCI) conducts a survey of registered TCI University (TCI-U) users to assess the reach, usability, usefulness and use of TCI-U resources, uncover additional insights about TCI’s coaching activities and collect suggestions for improvements.

Overall, this year’s survey findings reveal that TCI-U’s effects on user knowledge, mindset and practice continue to be extremely positive and similar to last year’s findings. The findings indicate a significant focus on the value and importance of coaching and peer learning, which highlights how TCI-U’s three components are so interlinked and work best when they work together.

The survey reveals early signs of institutionalization and sustainability of TCI’s high-impact approaches with over 75% of respondents (n=284) reporting that their state/city/country/municipality budget included TCI family planning and/or AYSRH approaches. Furthermore, the survey shows that nearly 90% of respondents directly involved in TCI said they recommended TCI-U to an average of 34 colleagues, with a range of 25 to 40.

In addition, although 27% of respondents (n=107) were not directly involved in TCI high-impact approaches, all but 16 came from East Africa, Nigeria, India and Francophone West but not TCI-supported geographies. About one-third first learned about TCI-U when attending a conference or meeting, and more than one-fourth were referred to TCI-U by a colleague. Both of these findings reveal organic opportunities for diffusing TCI proven approaches.

These are exciting findings along with a number of key findings highlighted in the infographic below.