TCI Showcase Videos

At the annual meeting, each hub will be assigned a day of the week to open with a showcase video followed by a presentation of highlights from the hub. This video should be 2-3 minutes in length and feature either the hub’s signature approach with impact data or another success story that has data. In addition to being used to showcase each hub, all four videos will be shown to donors on Tuesday in a pitch for more TCI support. Please get your creative juices flowing and draw inspiration from Melinda Gates’ new book “The Moment of Lift: Empowering Women Changes the World,” where she tells stories of what empowered women can accomplish. In her book, she says contraception is “the greatest life-saving, poverty-ending, women-empowering innovation ever created.” You can read about the book and a free chapter from it here.

The TCI “Moments of Lift” videos will be used on TCI-U, TCI’s YouTube page and in social media (TCI’s and the hub partners’). You don’t need to focus on just the beneficiaries of TCI’s work. A local government leader or provider could be the empowered voice used. Examples might include:

  • The impact seen in Bouake, Cote d’Ivoire, due to its FP champion Regional Director
  • An outstanding Mayor or Governor and why he or she committed funds to TCI
  • An outstanding health leader (such as the Firozabad District Health Officer, Bauchi FP Director or Kano PHC Director)
  • An effective ASHA or ANM linked to FDS in a city in India
  • Key participants and beneficiaries from a 72-hour makeover in Nigeria
  • Satisfied users in East Africa’s outreach and in-reach activities
  • A coach empowered by TCI University best practices

The cost of the video should be between $5,000 and $10,000. Please contact Kate Graham [email protected] for more information on budget. In addition to featuring your signature approach and/or success, be sure to keep in mind TCI’s six guiding principles:

  • Demand driven: Cities self-select to join TCI, bringing their own financial and human resources.
  • Local ownership and system readiness: Cities must be ready, willing and able to address their challenges.
  • Scaling proven interventions: TCI offers evidence-based interventions related to service delivery, demand generation and advocacy.
  • Coaching and TCI University: TCI uses a “Lead, Assist, Observe” coaching model to transfer capacity that leverages an online learning platform, TCI University.
  • Near-time/real-time data for decision-making: TCI strengthens capacity to use data for problem solving and better decision-making.
  • Efficiencies achieved with scale: As TCI scales, it becomes more cost-efficient.

You don’t have to include these principles in the video, but the essence of TCI’s “business unusual” platform has to shine through. GI would like to review a creative brief or draft storyboard before any production begins to ensure we get a good variety of stories for the annual meeting. TCI branding should be used. Animation is fine, but footage from your implementation sites is very powerful. Don’t forget about the beneficiaries of your work. The human element is essential in good storytelling.

Here’s a timeline to help produce your video:

May 17: Select a story idea for your video and start developing a creative brief or draft storyboard (your video firm should assist with the final storyboard). Kim Martin has samples if you need them.

May 20-27: Develop and issue RFP for a video production firm or individual. Please ensure you use a quality videographer or production firm. Set a deadline of May 31 for responses. Kim Martin has examples of RFPs for video if you need them. In the RFP, include a timeline and note the tight turnaround. Also request that the final product be translated with either French or English captions.

June 7: Receive responses to RFP. Deadline for creative brief to be sent to GI for review.

June 12: Select a firm and notify them.

June 21: First rough cut video due from firm for review.

June 28: Final video with captions completed or .mp4 file delivered to hub.

If you need RFP or storyboard templates, need advice on developing a storyboard, or have any other video questions, please contact Kim Martin or Christina Cherel.