Delta State Kicks Off Series of 72-Hour Family Planning Clinic Makeovers with TCI

by | Jun 13, 2018

The Challenge Initiative (the Initiative) in Nigeria conducted 72-hour makeovers at three family planning clinics in Delta State: the General Hospital Ibusa, Okpanam Primary Health Centre and Illah Primary Health Centre. All three facilities are located in Oshimili North LGA (local government area) and were upgraded at the end of April 2018.

The TCI team supported representatives from Delta State government and the respective communities to implement the facility makeovers. These makeovers are one of the Initiative’s evidence-based best practices included in TCI University. The activities not only serve as a physical makeover of the facility itself, but also a “mental” makeover for both family planning clients and providers. Evidence shows that clinic makeovers build the confidence and morale of family planning providers while ensuring they have the tools they need to provide quality services.

While the makeover itself takes place over a weekend, planning ahead is a key component. This involves meeting with the State and local government teams to discuss and develop plans for the makeover, reviewing the approved budget for the makeover process and assigning roles for specific activities. Assessments are also conducted at each site, local artisans are selected to carry out the actual makeover, and new furnishings and equipment are procured and installed. Social mobilization activities also take place to create awareness and drive demand for family planning services at the renovated facility.

In Delta, these three makeovers – which began Apr. 27 and ended Apr. 29. – involved:

  • Assembling/installing new equipment and furniture
  • Stocking shelves with commodities and consumables
  • Posting signs and banners
  • Providing branded materials with information on available services

The newly refreshed facilities reopened following a commissioning by the Honorable Commissioner for Health, Dr. Mordi Ononye, on Apr. 30.  At that time, the service providers in the health facilities and the people living in the Ibusa, Okpanam and Illah communities expressed their happiness and satisfaction with their updated surroundings.

The images below show one of the clinics before, during and after the makeover.