Dr. Akinlade Omobolanle, Medical Officer, Victory Medical Centre, Ibadan and an FPPN member.

“Before NURHI’s intervention, we offered all family planning services, the only one we were not offering was the implant because I was not trained on it. When NURHI came on board and partnered with so I was trained by NURHI on implant insertion and retrained on other methods of family planning. Since we started outreaches, there has been increase in patronage as people are showing more interest in receiving family planning; people are coming to ask questions about family planning.

Although, people are asking more questions than receiving services but I believe that is a step forward, many of them are asking question about what they have heard. There is a lot of myths and wrong information that people are carrying around, so since there is increased publicity about family planning, they are getting to ask us more questions and of course, the patronage has increase considerably compared to the past.

I am a member of the FPPN, which comprises of medical doctors, nurses, Patent Medicine Vendors, pharmacist and Traditional Birth Attendants and we all relate well at the FPPN meetings. This could not have been possible in the past, The FPPN is something wonderful and it’s a good initiative, it’s working well.”