Mukono Commissions Boda Boda Motorcycle Riders as Family Planning Advocates

by | Jan 30, 2019

On Jan. 16, Uganda’s Mukono District – with support from The Challenge Initiative – engaged 90 local motorcycle riders to act as family planning advocates. 

Because the motorcyclists, known locally as “boda boda” riders, interact with so many people during the daily course of their work, they were good candidates for community mobilizers and family planning advocates. It is believed that the boda boda drivers may also be responsible for fathering the children of some of the local teenagers.

By commissioning the riders as family planning champions and including them in healthcare discussions, the district hopes to reduce the unintended pregnancy rate among women, adolescents and youth. After receiving information about the need to use family planning to have small, manageable families and avoid unwanted pregnancies, the riders now encourage community members to ask them about family planning information and services.  

All of the riders received reflector jackets branded with both the “Tupange for Better Cities” tagline and Ministry of Health logos. (The Initiative is branded in Uganda as Tupange for Better Cities.)

Uganda hopes to engage a total of 200 boda boda riders in Goma and Mukono districts.