• Mohammad Nadeem Khan posted an update 1 month ago

    For the best health of adolescents anywhere in the world, I have a suggestion that we should focus on breakfast of adolescents , as i have noticed that most of the student does not have breakfast at the time of morning as a result they have low hemoglobin level. However, they feel the problem of memory weak, stint height, physical weakness, and menstrual problems also . For the better life of adolescents, it’s important to have homemade breakfast and that should never skip, most of the student does not carry Tiffen at the time of interval the buy junk food and spend almost 10 to 20 Rs per day , we need to guide to youth that when they are outside from home and want to eat anything then they can spend their 10 to 20 Rs on fruits like 1 guava , 3 to 4 banana, 1 apple, i mean if the student or youth would be educated about this then they can divert their spend.
    Thanks to all for reading my Lines.
    I am from India, State- Uttar Pradesh , City – Bareilly