• Lisa Mwaikambo posted an update 2 weeks, 4 days ago

    In summary, Spring Impact’s “Journey to Impact: Lessons from our first ten years” found — “Ultimately, scaling is more like a series of steps than it is a smooth curve. Organizations experiment and learn and reach an inflection point—they might rapidly increase the number of people they reach, and their impact on those people’s lives, but then plateau.

    We find that funders providing at least three years of funding gives organizations a much better shot at scaling. If organizations are constantly fire-fighting for more funding, they don’t have the time and headspace to dedicate to the significant organizational change that is needed to be successful at scale.

    Scaling is an unpredictable and evolving journey. Organizations might have clear long-term objectives and a vision, but they are rarely able to accurately pinpoint the impact they’ll have at each stage of their journey for a funding application process. The metrics-driven approach currently used by many funders favors project-based funding, where the outcomes
    are predictable but the opportunity for exponential or transformational impact is significantly lower.”