Inspiring Community Ownership in Nigeria: The Psychological Impact of the 72-Hour Clinic Makeover

by | Dec 4, 2018

The Challenge Initiative supported the Kano State government in Nigeria in conducting 72-hour makeovers in six health facilities. This included the Jaen Primary Healthcare Centre (PHC), which was commissioned by the Kano State Governor on Sept. 10, 2018.

The Initiative’s 72-hour makeover inspired respected community member Alhaji Uba Danzainab to build this new ward at the Jaen PHC in Kano State.

The Jaen PHC makeover not only led to physical improvements to the facility, but also achieved huge mindset shifts. For example,  the Chairman of the facility’s Quality Improvement Team (QIT), Alhaji Kabiru Jaen, said the impact was significant for both the community and stakeholders like himself. 

“It changed our thinking and boosted our morale. Initially, we were thinking it cannot be possible and that it would be a miracle to build and/or renovate a structure like the Jaen facility within just 72 hours. The people in the community are happier now and encouraged by the makeover to go to the facility for health services, including family planning. With the makeover, we are hoping to get 30 permanent staff for the facility and many more benefits for the community, ” said Alhaji Kabiru Jaen, QIT chairman. 

As a result of the makeover, more community members are seeking healthcare at the facility. The facility’s Officer-in-Charge said they are seeing a substantial increase in the number of patients – and not just for family planning.

“Clients come on daily basis – which wasn’t always the case before. And, the staff are more willing to stay in the facility now compared with before the makeover. As a matter of fact, about five temporary staff that left the facility have reapplied and offered their voluntary services. In terms of sales of essential drugs from September 2018 to date, there was increase of about 50% (i.e., from 600,000 naira monthly to 1.4 million),” he said.

The community, facility staff and state government couldn’t be happier with these physical changes as well as psychological changes that they have witnessed firsthand as a result of the Jaen PHC’s makeover.

Inspiring the Community

“If TCI will do this for my community, why not me?” said Alhaji Uba Danzainab in explaining his decision to construct a new ward in the Jaen PHC. Danzainab said he was motivated by the effects of the 72-hour makeover on the Jaen PHC.  Danzainab observed how excited the community was at having a renovated facility equipped to meet the minimum required standards. He then decided to construct a new ward for the Jaen PHC.

“When I saw the magnitude and quality of work that TCI has done for my people and for the community in the shortest and cheapest way, I felt motivated and began to think of how I can do the same in the facility. I have been a member of Jaen Community Committee for more than 25 years and a member of WDC [Ward Development Committee], but I have never seen something like TCI’s renovation. I was there when the Governor of Kano State commissioned the facility and I started thinking there and then what I could do. I saw the excitement in the faces of the facility staff and community people,” said Danzainab.

Alhaji Uba Danzainab with the Initiative’s Technical Support Lead for Service Delivery.

Danzainab met with the Chairman of the PHC’s QIT to discuss the needs of the facility and what he could do to help. He learned that the Commissioner for Health was concerned about overcrowding and wanted more space for clients to reduce the congestion. That’s when Danzainab decided to build a ward. 

Inspired by the Initiative’s approach to the makeover, Danzainab said he tried to replicate it.

“Like the 72-Hour makeover model, we employed direct labor. We did the open market purchase. We bought all of the materials needed for the building and procured hospital beds, bed sheets, blankets, drawers and all of the necessary building materials just the way TCI did. We started the building with all the materials on the ground. We also plan to build two toilets and an admin block as well as maintain the building and the facility at large,” he said.