In-reaches Lead to Increased Uptake of Contraceptive Services Among Adolescents in Ogun State

by | Jul 1, 2020

The Challenge Initiative (TCI) funded in-reaches in Ogun State, Nigeria, to demonstrate to state officials and facility staff how in-reaches can successfully attract adolescents and youth ages 15-24 to service delivery points and increase their access and uptake of contraceptive services. The in-reaches conducted in Ogun attracted mostly young first-time mothers and in- and out-of-school youth. Hear from adolescents and youth as to what attracted them to in-reaches and becoming a contraceptive user.


Damilola (Dami) is a 24-year-old National Certificate in Education graduate who uses oral contraceptives to prevent unwanted pregnancy. Dami recently accompanied a friend who had missed her menstrual period to an adolescent and youth reproductive health (AYRH) in-reach conducted in the Adeun Clinic in Ogun state. When it was revealed that Dami’s friend was pregnant and not eligible to access a family planning method, Dami immediately decided to access a long-acting reversible contraceptive (Implanon) to be safe from unwanted pregnancy.

I took the method to avoid 'had I known' and because using oral pills everyday can be boring. I have my future to pursue and I want to be safe.”


During a TCI-supported in-reach in Totoro PHC, 18-year-old Titilayo was already a mother and using the withdrawal method. The risks of the withdrawal method were explained to Titilayo. She was also counseled on dual protection methods because of the risk of contracting a sexually transmitted infection. She then chose to accept an implant offering five years of protection that was implanted during the in-reach.

I became a mother at age 16 when I was in SSS2 [secondary school]. My child is 1 year and 4 months old. Parenting a child at my age has not been easy and my pregnancy delayed me from graduating from secondary school with my school mates. Now that I have finished school, I want to learn tailoring and I don’t want pregnancy to disturb my apprenticeship. I [had] used withdrawal method during intercourse because I could not afford the cost of contraceptives [before the in-reach].”


Aderonke, a 19-year-old first-time mother, visited the Ibafo PHC in Ogun state during a TCI-funded AYRH in-reach. Aderonke explained the struggles she has faced when deciding to have a child.

I dislike abortion even though people around me, including my mother, advised me to terminate my first pregnancy. But, I was afraid of the complications, so I decided to keep it. My family rejected me when I became pregnant, but I kept the pregnancy and now I live with my husband who is a barber. I am also learning fashion design. I heard about the in-reach when a [TCI-trained] mobilizer came to my community and was using a megaphone to announce it. I decided to come and take up family planning so that I can pursue my goals, satisfy my husband sexually and still take care of my baby properly.”


Funmilayo, a 23-year-old hairdresser and first-time mother, recently accessed a long-acting reversiable contraceptive method during an in-reach at the Adigbe PHC. Funmilayo lives opposite the health center but said she was not aware of the contraceptive services available at the facility. She also said she had a number of fears related to various family planning methods. After her fears were allayed through the counseling she received during the in-reach, she took up a method.