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  • Njeri Mbugua posted an update in the group Group logo of East AfricaEast Africa 1 year, 12 months ago

    What has been your experiences implementing integrated outreaches? A price is waiting ….

  • Interesting webcast from Nov 2017 on “Young in the City: Addressing the Sexual, Reproductive, and Maternal Health of Urban Adolescents and Youth” It’s on the longer side (almost 2 hrs) but supports TCI’s AYSRH programming…[Read more]

  • I was trained as aTOT in Mukono Municipality

  • Atukwase maurine posted an update 2 years ago

    We have been attending trainer of trainees workshop to strengthen family planning in Mukono municipality

  • Also, check out a new report by International Rescue Committee on an approach to increase access to sexual and reproductive health (SRH) care for adolescents in Goma, DRC. Their approach included a number of approaches that we’ve highlighted in the AYSRH toolkit–increased provider capacity, improved facility readiness, and meaningfully engaged…[Read more]

  • Please check out the audio recording from Core Group’s “Focus on Adolescent Health: The Future is Now” webinar, which highlighted the outcomes from recent global health meetings — International Associate for Adolescent Health Congress held in India in October 2017 and the Global NCDs Forum held in UAE in December 2017. You can view the recording…[Read more]

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    • Some discussion points addressed in the webinar include:
      – Seizing the opportunity to push for more focus and progress on adolescent health now that we’ve transitioned from the more adult-focused MDGs to the SDGs
      – Arguing for the importance of investing in adolescent health in terms of the “triple dividend”: investing in healthy adole…[Read more]

  • In Mukono, we have started the Journey, training of trainers towards modern Family planning methods. No turning back until we change that lack of Good FP practices that had been a hinderence to development for some years

  • Noeline posted an update 2 years ago


  • I am a Trainer of Trainees and have successfully registered with tci University

  • Noeline posted an update 2 years ago

    The word is implemention. Sorry for the error.

  • Noeline posted an update 2 years ago

    TOT training at Mukono Municipality. Hello colleagues, it starts with us having a possitive attitude towards FP for the success of its imppemmentation.

  • Alex posted an update 2 years ago

    Moving on with TOTs training and currently on tci university

  • Training of Trainers session going on

  • Birungi Georgina posted an update 2 years ago

    i have successfully registered as a tci member. Am currently one of the trainees in Mukono, training in Modern Family Planning Methods

  • Anthony Kkonde posted an update 2 years ago

    In Mukono we are training more health workers to become trainers of trainers in modern Family Planning methods

  • Janet Adongo posted an update 2 years ago

    This has been wonderful work

  • Peter Kagwe posted an update 2 years ago

    The Coaching was wonderful and very informative!! surely this will greatly help me!!

  • AKINLOYE, Moyosolu Emmanuel posted an update in the group Group logo of NigeriaNigeria 2 years ago

    Family Planning (FP) is often said to result in infertility after a period of use. This is erroneous, discouraging intenders from making the decision to take up FP. Clients should, therefore, be made to understand the difference between Fecundability and infertility.

  • Renita Bhamrah posted an update 2 years ago

    We have developed checklist to take care of Quality part of Fixed day static(FDS) which is administered prior to FDS to assess quality in terms of infrastructure, FP supply and commodity, Human resource, Infection prevention practices, record keeping, client satisfaction for service provided. By means of administering this we are actually…[Read more]


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