Worksheet #2: TCI Prioritization Matrix

Setting TCI Program Area Priorities


You may want to recreate the matrix on a larger piece of paper or on a flip chart to make it easier to fill out the boxes.     

  1. Transfer each of the problem statements from Column 3 into the first column of the Prioritization Matrix.
  2. For each problem statement, provide a score for the criteria in column A-G.
  3. Total the score for each row.
  4. Complete each row (problem statement) before moving to the next row.
  5. Rank the totals so that the highest score is ranked 1st, the next highest is ranked 2nd and so on.
  6. Transfer ONLY the five highest scores, or the top five priorities, to their appropriate cells in Column 4 of Worksheet #1.

NOTE: You can also review the priority rankings to create a ‘short list’ of problems/areas of under-performance to be addressed (8-10 problem areas). While these will not be included the final TCI program design template, this reference list can be shared with stakeholders in the geography to ensure that priority family planning gaps are being addressed.