This guidance note provides relevant questions that an interviewer may ask to capture lessons and gain experience during the activities that take place when implementing a 72-hour clinic makeover. This guidance note outlines questions that could be asked during the different stages of the makeover, suggests possible respondents to those questions and outlines the activities that take place during the makeover.

The information gathered during the interviews will provide learning that can be documented for how to conduct future 72-hour clinic makeovers. This tool can be used by any group or individual interested in observing the 72-hour Clinic Makeover, these groups include but are not limited to the following: government officials, civil society organizations, non-governmental organizations, projects funded by donors.

The guidance note is useful for: The lessons documented through the information generated is useful for groups who may want to replicate or adapt the 72-hour clinic makeover model. It will also be relevant to funders who may want to learn how the makeover process works. Possible users of this tool include but are not limited to: philanthropists, donors, government, other donor funded projects. The product of this tool can also be relevant for academic purposes.