Pakistan: Service Delivery

Indicators for success

  • Increase in clientele
  • Increase in revenue
  • Number of MWRAs reached/counseled
  • Number of MWRAs registered
  • Number of tokens generated/referrals provided
  • Number of tokens redeemed/referrals completed
  • Number of short-term contraceptives (condoms, pills and injectables) purchased
  • Number of IUCDs inserted (long-term contraceptive)

Resources needed

  • Infrastructure (material to upgrade clinics)
  • Printing costs for IEC material, brochures, client record books, client registration, and referral books
  • Venue for trainings
  • Logistics (transport, per diems, lunch)
  • Accommodation (depends on the number of training days)

What Is the Evidence?

Greenstar Social Marketing has recently upgraded 79 clinics to Family Health Centers under the Integrated Family Planning Approach. The clinics were selected based on their infrastructure, sales/number of clients services and service delivery offerings. We upgraded the clinical facilities, commodities and marketing strategy of these clinics. Initial data after these upgrades have been in place suggests an increase in client uptake, service deliveries and revenue. Along with that, the intervention boosted morale of service providers and accountability towards the landscape.



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