TCI Global Toolkit: Service Delivery

Pharmacies and Drug Shops
Promising HIP!

Promising High-Impact Practice

Training and supporting pharmacies and drug shops to provide family planning information and a broad range of quality contraceptive methods.

Evidence from the Urban Reproductive Health Initiative (URHI)

  • Although the use of public vs. private facilities varies widely by type of method and by city, data from the Urban Reproductive Health Initiative country endline surveys indicate that the private sector has an important role to play in increasing access to family planning. In six cities in India, the percentage of women using IUDs who used a private provider ranged from 39% to 81% (India endline survey reportt); in six cities in Nigeria, the percentage ranged from 0% to 32% (Nigeria endline survey report).
  • More than half of women who reported having heard of or seen an Amua-Tupange social franchise facility said they knew what types of health services were provided at the facilities, with a majority of the women (over 85%) in each city reporting that they knew family planning services were provided there (Kenya Endline Household Survey 2014).


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