Animated Video Details How to Conduct an Integrated In-Reach in East Africa

Feb 3, 2021

Contributors: Njeri Mbugua and Kim Martin

The Challenge Initiative (TCI) has just released a new animated video from East Africa on how to conduct an integrated family planning in-reach.

The video is part of a series of animated how-to videos featuring TCI’s high-impact interventions to help coach local government stakeholders during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond. The first video illustrated East Africa’s integrated family planning outreach approach, which is held outside a facility setting.

The integrated in-reach occurs within a health facility during a specified day (or days) and focuses on providing long-acting reversible contraceptive (LARCs) methods. Client turnout is typically higher on in-reach days as it is integrated with other health services such as antenatal care or nutrition. Preparing for an in-reach also offers an opportunity to build the skills of providers in LARC services.

The animated video can be viewed below. It details the steps necessary to conduct a successful in-reach, as well as some helpful tips.